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Boy With a Ball


Non Profit Organization

About Us

Boy With a Ball turns vulnerable youth populations from being a city's problem into the solution. While disconnected, disengaged youth damage a city’s future, we have found a way to turn these young people into the heroes their city needs.

Boy With a Ball (BWAB) was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2001 to fill a void in local youth programs, in the pursuit of developing scalable solutions. At that time, most programs for youth focused on either attracting youth to a site or provided only a few hours of mentoring a month, diminishing their impact and funneling their dollars into a dead-end.

However, BWAB's innovative team-based approach trained and released large numbers of motivated volunteers into some of our city's toughest neighborhoods. The power of presence, long-haul commitment, and our willingness to learn from those we seek to serve has borne lasting fruit.


Super Saturday
Read, Write to Lead
Camp Overcomers
Tutoring Center
Love Your City
ESL Classes

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